Services We Offer

DBS at CAS is an umbrella body for the DBS, meaning we can process DBS checks for local organisations. We have been operating since 2002, so have a great deal of experience and can guide you through the process with the minimum of delay. We are always available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Protecting people is about identifying, assessing, managing and controlling risk. To help with this process it is good practice to undertake DBS checks on the criminal records of employees, volunteers and trustees who will be working on a regular basis with children and vulnerable adults.

How does it work?

1. You give us the applicant's email details and those of the manager who will be validating their identity.

2. We create a username and password and a link with instructions is emailed to the applicant/employee/volunteer on how to complete the form online.

3. We create a username and password which is emailed to the manager who is going to verify the identity details.

4. The applicant/employee/volunteer uses the link to our web page and logs in to complete the simple, easy to follow form.

5. An automatic check will prevent the form from being submitted if it’s incomplete or contains errors, thereby saving time and frustration.

6. We send the applicant/employee/volunteer an email confirming that their form has been successfully submitted.

7. We notify the manager via e-mail that the identity section now needs to be completed.

8. The manager checks the identity with that supplied by the applicant, enters the details and submits the form.

9. We send the form electronically via e-Bulk to the DBS for processing.

10. Average turnaround time for DBS disclosures is 5 days.

No more paper. No more postage. Access anywhere by PC, laptop or iPhone.

Call us on 01473 345400 or email to get started.

Whilst we belive the elctronic system is the most effective system for carrying out DBS checks, if this isn't suitable for you, please contact us as we also offer a paper based application system.